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     Ethiopia Adoption

Children's Hope International is one of leading Ethiopian adoption agencies, has found homes for 30 orphans from Ethiopia since our first family returned home in August 2007. Nearly 100 orphans from Ethiopia will have new loving families by the end of 2008. Children's Hope International is committed to be there for you each step of the way to see you to the end of your adoption journey with as few bumps as possible. Families love our Ethiopia Adoption Team in the US and in Addis Ababa.



Stacie and Kevin, who were Children's Hope International, a leading Ethiopian adoption agency first family for Ethiopia adoption, arrived home safely, cradling their new son in their arms. The couple traveled to Ethiopia in August 2007 to meet their 6-month-old son, Micah Yabsira, in the Children's Hope International transition home in capital city Addis Abba, Ethiopia. Micah with his mother Stacie are pictured to the left.




For information about our Ethiopia Adoption Program, click here.

Or you can call us at 888-899-2349 or  314-890-0086


Require a free copy of Ethiopia adoption guide,


                      International Adopting from Ethiopia    


Ethiopia, the Country and Its Children

Ethiopia is a beautiful country situated in the Northeastern part of Africa near the Red Sea, which is also known as The Horn of Africa. It is a country rich in culture, history and national pride, and is also called The Cradle of Humanity. The territory of Ethiopia measures 1,098,000 square kilometers and is slightly smaller than the state of Alaska. It is in Ethiopia where the great African river, The Blue Nile, has its source. It is among the 20 most populated countries in the world, 2nd most populous region in African, with a population of approximately 77 million. As well, it is on of the oldest countries in the world with a recorded history of over 3000 years and was the home of the Queen of Sheba. Seventeen years of civil war in Ethiopia, which lasted from 1974 until 1991, bankrupted the country and left millions of orphaned children.

The children are beautiful. Children waiting for placement are male and female, infant to 15 years old, healthy as well as special needs. Single birth and sibling groups are available. Many children have resided in a local orphanage, community care or in the hospital of birth prior to being matched with a family. The children are tested for HIV, Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis and Venereal Disease prior to being placed.


for more information about Ethiopia adoption, please contact Us Toll Free at 888-899-2349 or  314-890-0086


Upon receiving your application, Children's Hope International will:

  1. Upon approval of your application, assign you a personal adoption consultant to assist you throughout the process.

  2. Assist you with finding a home study agency, if needed.

  3. Send weekly updates to keep you updated on what¡¯s going on in the Ethiopia adoption program.

  4. Provide guidance in gathering and assembling documents for your dossier.

  5. Check and arrange your documents and photos into a proper dossier.

  6. Upon completion of the dossier, express dossier to the US Department of State, and the Ethiopia Embassy for authentication.

  7. After completion of 10 hours of Hague Approved Parent Education Training and Self Awareness Tool, (and dossier) place you on the waiting list for a referral.

  8. Express your dossier to our Coordinator in Ethiopia.

  9. Notify you that your dossier has gone to Ethiopia and that you are now a waiting family. 

  10. Send you a Ethiopia Adoption Travel Guide that will explain and prepare you for  your trip.

  11. Notify you of your referral.

  12. Send photo, background and medical information on the identified child.

  13. Upon acceptance of the referral, notify in-country coordinator of your acceptance.

  14. Coordinator will: 
    Have dossier translated into Amharic 
    Present dossier to the Ministry of Women¡¯s Affairs (MOWA) for approval

  15. In-Country coordinator will represent you in the Ethiopia Federal Court to finalize the adoption for you.

  16. Notify family of approval by the court and send final Travel Packet

  17. Give notification of Embassy visa interview date.

  18. Coordinate travel/transportation within Ethiopia, and accommodations at the House of Hope (HOH)

  19. Assist with travel and accommodations to and from Ethiopia.

  20. Meet parents at Ethiopia airport of entry.

  21. Accompany and guide you in finalizing all adoption processes in Ethiopia.

  22. Accompany parent(s) to all required appointments and meetings.

  23. Accompany parent(s) and child to the airport for the flight back home.

  24. Send you a ¡°Post-Adoption Guide¡± that will explain procedures upon your return.

  25. Send fee statement, outlining all fees paid to Children¡¯s Hope International.


Online Information Meetings for Ethiopian Adoption

Join us for a free online Ethiopia adoption webinar and connect with a knowledgeable and caring adoption consultant. Each webinar is about one hour.  Ask questions and get answers. 


Want to talk with a real person?
Call 1-888-899-2349 to ask questions about Ethiopian adoption options for your family.



Click here to download a free adoption guide online - or order it by email.

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